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Account Rounding

The Key To Retention

Your staff will find it easy to talk with customers and prospects about possible gaps in coverage as they are guided through questions which cover every likely response.  When finished, the person receives an email verifying the conversation, including a document they can print and a professional video. The PDF is consistent with the information they received from the scripts, plus more detail.  You then attach a copy of the email to your management system.

Auto – Auto Without Home (sample script) Home – Personal Articles Floater
Auto – Increase Limits Home – Vacant Home
Auto – Pay Off Loan Home – Life Changes
Home – Flood Misc – Recreational Vehicles
Home – Home Business Misc – Watercraft
Home – Home Without Auto Umbrella – Swimming Pools
Home – Pay Off Mortgage Umbrella – Teen Drivers
  • You can easily add as many scripts as you like
  • You can add departments to categorize scripts
  • You can add to, or edit, existing scripts
  • You can include your own PDF attachments or videos
  • Scripts can include agency-specific coaching and training
  • Your staff can select scripts by department or category, i.e. Account Rounding, Common Questions or Customer Service
  • Your staff can search scripts by key words
  • You can choose which scripts are displayed.  For example, you may wish to roll out only a few at a time.
  • We add your current email signature
  • This includes logo, contact information, links to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • As ideas come in from agencies, we will add them to your agency's list of scripts
  • You have the option to include these, edit them or delete them
Of Course
  • We hold an initial 60 minute on-line training session for management which is recorded
  • We have tutorials covering all aspects of the system
  • We provide training to help staff utilize the scripts and improve communication skills
  • We will roll out Commercial Lines in January, 2018
  • We will add Benefits in the first quarter of 2018